How can I remove these vertical lines?

Things I have tried

I had used indentation guides and uninstalled it because the indentation lines are not align correctly. After I removed the plug-in, however, the vertical lines(i guess it is kind of indentation guides) appear like a screenshot. So, I reinstall and uninstall the plug-in but they remain same.

CleanShot 2022-02-06 at 20.42.37@2x

What I’m trying to do

The lines are really annoying… What should I do? :frowning:

Copy the content into a new note in the Help Vault (press F1 to open it).

  • If the lines appear using the Help Vault, it is something inside the content like inline styles with an HTML tag.
  • Otherwise, there should be another plugin or a css snippet that is messing with the editor rendering that lines.

Also, have you tried restarting Obsidian?

As you recommended, when I move the content to a new note in the Help Vault, the lines disappear. What should I do next?

Yes I did. I restart Obsidian everyday

Try disabling the community plugins one by one, and then do the same with css snippets, if you have any

Oh! Your advice works! When I turned off Outliner plug-in, the lines disappeared. So I checked options of the plug-in. I found “Draw vertical indentation lines” function is the problem. I turned off the function and the vertical lines disappear but the other functions work well. Thanks!

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