How can i put an image with a flag inside a table?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to put an image with a flag such as ![[Image.png|+small]] inside a classic obsidian table, using the snippet Image Flags to resize the images.
The problem is that the " | " character counts as the column divider, so this is what happens

Things I have tried

I tried to modify the snippet so that the character that begins the flags is no longer " | " but another one, but this modification cannot be made


First point.
Some questions in help section mention plugin A or B (no one know all plugins, but they are available to search in dataview settings pane); but mentioning a snippet it’s another thing and can’t be described as something that everyone knows. :slight_smile:

The issue.
About the issue, I think the problem it’s the same if you use ![[image|200]]. So, to solve the “|” issue in markdown tables add "\" before "|", i.e. ![[image\|200]].
If this works with the “well known” Image Flags snippet… I don’t know.

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Yes this solved the problem, thank you!
Sorry for the snippet thing, i’m kinda new here so i didn’t think about it, next time i’ll link the source.

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