How can I paste a photo from Canvas into a note already established?

Hey I’m new to using Obsidian and I’m using it to help me organise my novel ideas. I’ve went through a lot of forums and cannot seem to see where I can do this so simply.

If I add a picture on Canvas and rename it, it automatically goes into my Pictures folder (which is what I want). But what I would also like is to also have that picture within a Character note (like a case file). So If I clicked my folders characters>Dawn there you would see the picture?

The only way I can seem to do this, is if I copy the picture into the character note from the beginning rather than pasting it onto Canvas.

Or type [[ Dawn.jpeg]] in my character note and like make that connection (But the image doesn’t show)

Is there a quick way to show the image on a character note? Like anything code wise I could type to show the image linked, etc?

Embedding an image into a note works like this: ![[Dawn.jpeg]]
The ! makes it an embed. You can do the same with sections/paragraphs/notes.

Take a look at the extensive help documentation:

Hope this helps.

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