How can I move heading file name to the left

I have a question that why all the YouTubers have this custom on their theme?

like this one

Maybe Stack tabs?

If you’re question is truly why, and not how, I reckon its one of the better way to have aa much screen estate as possible.

When shooting videoes there’s always a battle between the amount of information you want to present, and the visibility on the viewers screens. This leads to maximizing windows, and not using multi-panes unless absolutely necessary. Aka using stacked tabs in Obsidian if you want multiple notes open readily available.

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I read both how and why and went with the how in the title, but it’s good to have all bases covered :stadium:

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Thanks a lot. But how to stack/unstack on Android? I didn’t find this menu… Nor I found any reference in Settings–>Appearance

Solved thanks to this post :Stack tabs in iOS app - #5 by ariehen This solution, of course, works also under Android and so all the credit go to @ariehen

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