How can I move Folders between Vaults?

Dear Obsidian community
I have created two seperate vaults which I have been using, but have supposed that it would be more practical if I were to place all the folders from both vaults into one of my two pre-existing vaults. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I may move my folders between vaults, as I have found no information on how I may do so, so that I may eliminate one of the vaults once I have emptied it?

Many thanks for your help

Use your system file explorer to cut and paste them into one vault.


Moving with system explorer, as noted. However, be aware that if a file in a moved folder was part of a backlink or other file reference in another note, then the link is going to be broken if the file is removed (i.e., its folder is moved) external to Obsidian. So, check links and take action before moving the containing folder.

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Set up a new folder to be a vault. Move both existing vault folders into it. Job done. Links and references should remain intact.

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