How can I make pronunciation of English words?

Is there a plugin or something else that can normally pronounce words in English?

There is a community plugin, “Text to Speech”. I have never tried it personally. GitHub - joethei/obsidian-tts: Text to speech for Obsidian. Hear your notes.

What operating system do you use?

You could also search your operating system for voice/accessibility options.

For example, MacOS has built-in text reading. And there are apps that can do similar things. Which would mean you would have a tool that would work in other apps too.

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Thanks for your reply.
I use maс os, in general I need the cards from the spaced repetition plugin to be pronounced by voice. I learn english by these cards.
I tried the default voice in mac os, but in order for it to speak, you must first select the text, then select start in the top menu and only then maс os will speak, this is very inconvenient.

I also installed the Text to Speech plugin, but in order for it to speak, you need to press the button in the menu, which is not available when I work with cards from the spaced repetition plugin. I also didn’t find any hotkeys for Text to Speech.
Do I understand correctly that there is no normal solution for pronouncing cards from the spaced repetition plugin ?

You can set a hotkey. The default is option-Esc. You can also set the controls to remain visible.

If by “normal” you mean built-in to Obsidian, then no, this doesn’t exist without an outside tool, or that plugin.

Also if the text you want to read is isolated enough you might not need to select it (maybe just place the cursor).

Another option is the built-in screen reader. VoiceOver User Guide for Mac - Apple Support

It works, mac os pronounces the text, but only it pronounces it in my native language, it sounds terrible, like in English but with a terrible accent, although I have set it to default to English for voicing.

Learn how to connect your Obsidian cards to Anki. You have plugin Obsidian to Anki. There are excellent plugins for Anki that will help you learning with spaced repetition and also text to speech plugins.

If you want to pronounce single words in English I’d advise to use online dictionary like Longman, because it has natural human voices, not some machine voices.

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