How can I make export pdf look the same as my theme?

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What I’m trying to do

Well I wanted to know how I can make my exported pdf look exactly how I’m viewing it including the color scheme. I’m currently in dark mode but when I export a PDF it doesn’t keep the look that I’m currently viewing

Things I have tried

Nothing so far

By default, PDF export comes from the rendered default light theme. So, if you switch to Reading view in light mode, you’ll have an approximation of what the exported PDF will look like.

It’s up to theme developers to add rules or options for any specific PDF export colors/fonts/spacing/etc. Some theme settings (heading colors, etc.) can leak through to PDF exports depending on how the theme is put together.

You can also use a @media print export snippet independent of the theme to alter PDF exports. I’ve seen some attempts at dark PDF exports, but the snippets tend to break easily and generally don’t produce the exact results folks are looking for without a lot of tweaking.

There’s one linked here you could try:

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