How can I just only embed or link some headline or main idea

Things I have tried

I take note obsidian like my little dictionary, and when I’ve known sth generally, just wanna be reminded, or see some main idea, some headline in that note, what should I do?

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The Help vault can be very helpful. Click the ? icon in the bottom left of the app.

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No, that not what I really mean. I wanna change preview link: not show all the note I linked, just all its headline. Imagine it looks like table of content

Explore this:

When you type the internal link - [[yournote]] - , at the end of note title you can add # to select a specific heading - [[yournote#heading2]] - or add ^ to select one particular block - [[yournote^e45678]]

I’ve known that, it’s helpful, but for example, i have my note content:

Things you should try when you go to Paris

Eat sweet


Climb Eiffel Tower


And when I embed it in others note, I just wanna see the headline, in short.

Or, at least, do we have any hotkeys to create table of content?

If your headline is a header, link blocks can work for your purpose

Why are you creating embeds in that case? Just create a link to the heading, without the ! prefix.

No, there’s no “insert table of contents” command at the moment. Note that there is an outline pane you can use, however.

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