How can I install insider builds?

how can i download insider builds? I’d like to try 0.7.6 but i can’t find the download link… thanks.

See the info about Catalyst on the Pricing page:

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I noticed this and I am a Catalyst, still I couldn’t figure out how to install the insider build.

In Preferences → About, do you see a toggle for “Receive insider builds?” Else, what is your Installer version (just underneath the Current version on the same pane?)


yes, thx. I overlooked this.

And the insider builds channel in Discord. Do I have to ask someone to be included (in order to receive the release notes)?

Message me on Discord!

Hi can you provide some info on how to have access to insider builds ?

I don’t have the option on the About menu.

Do you have an Insider license?

@ryanjamurphy This should probably be mentioned on the Catalyst purchase page. I believe it says to ‘sign in’ in the Obsidian app, but makes no mention of needing to enable this setting in About.

Also, in addition to above, remember to log into your Obsidian account if you haven’t already done so under Settings > Account. I didn’t do that initially and it tripped me up a bit. Once I did that I was able to see the Insider Build option under Settings > About.

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Just purchase the Catalyst Insider with Wechat Pay today. But I haven’t got any notification about upgrading.

Please help.

Thank you.


It takes a bit of time for the developers to add everyone. Sorry for the delay!


That’s okay. Thank you for your quick reply.

Have fun!