How can I insert a backlink into frontmatter

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What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to use templater to insert a backlink into a notes frontmatter:
const proj = await tp.system.prompt(“Please enter a project ID”)

project: [[<% proj %>]] OR
project: <% “[[” + proj + “]]” %>

The result is always:
project: [[“RSCM”]] instead of [[RSCM]]

How can I do this?

Things I have tried

Are you putting quotes around RSCM when you type it in the prompt? When I test the latter method, I always get project: [[RSCM]].

However, if you’re putting a backlink in the frontmatter, you want to put quotes around the brackets. Your code should look like this:

const proj = await tp.system.prompt("Please enter a project ID")
project: <% "\"[[" + proj + "]]\"" %>

That way, when you type RSCM into the prompt, you will get back:

project: "[[RSCM]]"

This will set up a proper link to the RSCM note in the frontmatter of your current note.

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