How can I increase the maximum zoom out on the graph using CSS


My graph’s reaching a point where I can’t have a view of all of it even at maximum amount of zoom out on. Is there a way to ‘increase the maximum amount of zoom out’ in the graph view so I can view all of the graph without changing the forces (so I keep my current clustering and prevent it from becoming too clumped together) using css? I’m a css noob so any help is appreciated, thanks!

This screenshot was taken at maximum zoom out, i would like to be able to zoom out more so i can see the graph in its entirety


Does this happen with default css?

This is with the obsidian Nord css! is there a particular line which I should change? thank you!
edit: I’ve just tried this with the default css, there still is a maximum zoom at the same level. I can’t zoom out any further

can you post a screen shot of the whole window?

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will be fixed in 0.10.13


Fantastic! thanks for the fast reply

Hey there! Thanks for bringing it up! I’ve been encountering the same problem too…

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