How can I "grab" cetain selected text or numbers from previous note that were made from the same template?

Things I have tried

  • I did my own Google searches in hopes to find a solution.

  • Templater
    I have tried to make the following commands to work:

  • <% tp.file.include %>

  • <% tp.file.selection() %>

  • ![[PreviousFoldername^Keyphrase]]

  • ![[PreviousFoldername#Keyphrase]]

I got the internal embedding links to work, but isn’t is possible to narrow the ramge of selection down even further?


13 two numbers from a markdown table.



Hello fellow Obsidian users!

To grab only “low Obsid” into the new note?

(Bad example maybe, but clarifies what I am trying to say).

  • Dataview Possible Solution? Though the numbers are only temporary right? Which goes against what I am trying to do atm. I think, have not yet tried out Dataview yet.

I want to create a template for my gym tables data tracking.

(The template includes several
Gym Data Tables
Reps/Sets/Kg, etc)

And I wanted to grab the data from the previous training session into the current one, to preview how many Reps/Sets/Kg etc I managed to perform last time.

The closest I got was by using:

And then to put:
“^OptionalKeyword” in the previous workout note, in the line under the table or line to embedd into your current note.

I am aware of that,
Also works.

But is there a way to only grab a certain selection of words?
Or only specific data/value from a Markdown Data Table?

It would be really cool so have the previous Workout data to show next to, or somehow close to where I am supposed to enter the current days data values. It would work as a motivation to always attempt to beat my last sessions workout performance.

*next to where I will enter the Data for the current day (inside my table). Or if not, then maybe at least next to the table.

I have different workout templates.
And I sometimes vary on which frequency I am executing the workouts from my different workout templates.

I want to include an automized way to grab data from the last time that I used the template into the current one.

To clarify: there is no set frequency or specific weekdays, or any certain interval between my workouts. And I most times have other workout template versions in between.
How can I automize the “grabbing of data” from last time I was using the specific workout template into the next time i use the same type of template?

Also, is it possible to embedd an average value from (All or “Specified number of template occations”) into the notes in an automized way aswell?

Can I grab a custom specified range of text from another note into the current note?

I would greatly appreciate any advise on how and where I can improve my templater knowledge from basic to advanced.

Same with JavaScript HTML and CSS.
But i imagine that I will come pretty far with pretty basic knowledge of these? I just cannot grasp what is most essential to learn within these, and where from?

  • Thankful for any guidance! :grinning:

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