How can I get text with big fonts or small fonts within a file

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What I’m trying to do

I would like to have words or letters in bigger or smaller font size within a sentence of normal font size in a file.

Things I have tried

I asked chatGPT. It answered the following:
First suggestion is to use HTML in Markdown like that:
1. Using HTML in Markdown: You can use HTML <span> tags to apply different font sizes to specific parts of your text. Here’s how you can do it:
This is a normal-sized text.

This is a big text.

This is a small text.

In this example, 1.5em represents 150% of the default font size, and 0.8em represents 80% of the default font size. Adjust these values as needed to get the desired font size.

Second suggestion is to create a custom CSS.

I found, that the HTML method is working .

Still I would like to know, if there is an easier way than HTML for adjusting font size by some special syntax of obsidian.

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May be the plugin Dynamic highlight would help.
It use regex to chose any text you want within all files and then you can use css to change size or anything else.

Compared to adding HTML labels, the advantage probably is that in this case you dont need to add HTML label one by one. :smiley:

As I have to assign the big font size to different words in the text, this plugin seems not so practical for my purpose.

Latex suite may meet your requirements. This can simplify the adding html process.

Thank You for Your suggestions. For longer text blocks I will use probably LaTex.

If you’re comfortable to install another theme, try out Dune

It supports inline text modifications like font sizes, font colors and superscript / subscript. Also, you can resize whole text blocks. Check out Dune’s features


It sounds promising. I will give Dune a trial.

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