How can I get my notes from Obsidian into Word without loosing the formatting of the text

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What I’m trying to do

Hi everybody,
Does anybody know how I can get my notes from obsidian to a word file to write a paper without loosing all the format stuff. Thanks for your suggestions

Things I have tried

Here are a few options:

  • Copy and paste from reading view (not editing view)

  • Install Pandoc and the Obsidian Pandoc plugin, and export to Word

  • Export to PDF, then open it in a PDF app that can export to Word or RTF

  • Open your notes in a markdown editor that can export to .docx, such as iA Writer, Typora, etc.

Depends what formatting you want to keep.
Pandoc is one set of methods, but can be tricky to set up if you don’t understand it and are particular about end result. There’s an Obsidian plugin.
Typora uses pandoc and does a pretty good job.
Alternatively there’s the Word add-on Writage which reads and saves markdown directly into Word.
Typora and Writage aren’t free, though notvery expensive.

can be tricky to set up if you…are particular about end result.

I think it’s foolish for most people to try to control the design of the final document from a markdown app or Pandoc. As long as the basics of formatting—italics, bold, headers, lists, etc.—come through, it’s much easier to control things like typography and layout once it’s in Word or another rich text WYSIWYG word processor or page layout program, because that’s what they’re designed to do.

It’s what many try to do though, according to some of the pandoc complaints.
And not everyone is good at dealing with typography and layout in word processors.

Personally, I’d either use Inspire Writer or Ulysses (very good preview) or Writage and Word. For academic stuff, definitely the latter.

I know people try to do it, but even when they more or less succeed it seems misguided to me. Markdown was designed explicitly so you can write quickly without worrying about or being tempted to fiddle with the final formatting while you’re writing copy. Markdown just adds some very basic notation to denote things like hierarchy and emphasis without actually formatting the (plain)text. It’s not supposed to mimic rich text.

Personally, I’d either use Inspire Writer or Ulysses (very good preview) or Writage and Word.

There’s also Marked 2 for Mac users, though last I tested it iA Writer (despite having far fewer templates) does a better job of converting markdown heading levels into their Word equivalents.

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