How can I get content of all notes with dataview?

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I am new to Obsidian. I want to write a query that gets title, tags, ctime and 5 first lines of all my notes in a table using dataview. How can I write a query to get this?
I could get tags and title and ctime with a simple query, but I could not find a query to get 5 first lines of notes. I have lots of notes and I forget what I wrote. I need to see the first 5 lines of my notes.

Things I have tried

I just tried this code.

table title.tags,ctime from ""

You have an error in your code. You are using . after title instead of ,


table title, tags, ctime from ""

This will give you table of all of your notes with the title, tags, and creation time

However I am not sure if it is possible to get the note content from dataview. It might be possible using the dataviewjs but if you have a lot of notes it could take some time and be pretty resource heavy.
Best of luck!

I find this code to get full content of every notes, but you right it`s really slow.

a.forEach(pagePath => { 

but still I can not change that to a table view. also I can not get just five lines of my notes.

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