How can I get a Kanban board where the cards are full notes (like in Notion or Appflowy, etc)?

What I’m trying to do

I want to replicate the Kanban Board view in apps like Notion or Appflowy, where each ‘card’ on the board is actually a full note or document of its own.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried the community Kanban board plugins, and they just seem to have a small text box as a card, rather than allowing me to have a preview of a note as the card instead.

I’ve searched here and elsewhere, but either there’s nothing to help me or I’m not figuring out the right words to search.

In Kanban, you click the little menu on a card, and “New Note from Card”. It makes that title into a new link to a note. And you can configure it to use a template. Create notes from cards - Obsidian Kanban Plugin - Obsidian Publish

In the Kanban settings you can also configure it to show certain properties that you want to see directly on the card. Or tags, including custom colors per tag. And it can also use a cover image.

What it doesn’t do (as far as I know) is automatically update properties as you move the cards from column to column. The “Projects” plugin can do that. But it doesn’t show cover images in the Board view. (Last time I checked.)


OH MY GOD!!! It’s so simple! Thank you. I feel like a fool. Will leave this question up for other fools who happen upon this. Thanks.

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haha not at all. You have to dig into the docs to find it. You also don’t need to run that command. You can simply make a [[Note Title]] link. But that won’t trigger the template to auto-create.

Oh great - also now exploring Projects and it’s exactly what I need. Thanks again.

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