How can I find the Random Note generator button?



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.0

Sorry - totally dumb question most likely, but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the answer.

Where has the menu gone from the left handside of the IOS app for Obisidian in 1.0?

Am really missing being able to quickly roll the dice on viewing an old note. Apart from pulling down the Command Palette and selecting it from there, is there another way similar to the toolbar method previously?


upper left corner, click that icon brings pall your folders and files.

the 3 vertical dots on upper right brings up different commands

icon on bottom right, tap and hold will bring up more choices. quick tap brings up command to choose from.

There is a LOT of hidden choices :slight_smile:



I still have it on desktop, so I am not sure about mobile. But to answer your question about “another way”, you can also set a hotkey.

Just to help debug your issue:

  • Do you have the Random note plugin turned on in Settings → Core plugins? Maybe it got turned off.
  • Did you make sure to update all your community plugins? For example, if you happened to have Smart Random Note installed, maybe it is interfering. (I do, and mine is up to date, and it seems fine.)
  • Are you missing any other buttons? Have you tested with default theme, and no CSS snippets? There were major changes to how themes work, and as the release notes mention, it’s important to make sure all your themes and plugins are up to date and compatible.
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They can’t find the ribbon because of its new location.

This is what you’re looking for. The ribbon has moved and changed on phones.

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Thanks Barry! But wow - a lot more keypresses to generate a random note, which is a shame because it was so nice before to be able to quickly and repeatedly shower yourself with past material! Hopefully one day they will allow user customisation of those 4 ‘permanent’ commands at the bottom of the page…

The button becomes the most recent one you used, so once you use Random Note once, you won’t have to open the ribbon again until you want to pick a different command.

Oh - really? Do you have to have a setting turned on for that functionality @CawlinTeffid?

My bottom ribbon permanently has just these 4 buttons on it (BACK, FOREWARD, ADD NOTE, CHOOSE TAB) … as well as the button to open up the extended command list where OPEN RANDOM NOTE is.

However many times I use it, those same buttons show up on that lowest menu bar.

You don’t need a special setting, that’s just how it works.

That button changes depending on which button in the extended list you last used. If you use Random Note it becomes the Random Note button. If you pick File Explorer, it becomes that. When you want a different command you long-press to see the list.

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below the ribbon bar there is another row with 5 icons (left arrow, right arrow, circle with + sign, a “tab” icon (I have a square with a 2 in it) and on the right is the icon that changes to the last command selected on a long press. if you choose "random mote, it will change to a square with 5 dots inside, like a die :slight_smile:


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