How can I export to PDF without losing my foldable headings?

Things I have tried

I have tried to export the note to PDF but the foldable headings loses their functionality. It isnt any heading that can be folded at all whrn I am exporting.

I tried to install pandoc plugin, but it doesn’t work at my pc idk why. It says it cant find file path I think.

I also dowbloaded the advanced pdf edit plugin, forgot the name atm. Also didnt seem to help with the issure that I am trying to get solved.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

I am hoping to find a way to export it, otherwise it will be copy paste into google docs or something. Which would be sad, cause id rather wprk in obsidian and be able to export from here aswell.

Any help much appreciated,


Foldable headings, as far as I’m aware, don’t work in a .pdf format since pdfs are primarily designed to emulate a real life document, and you can’t really fold headings in real life :wink:.

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