How can I export an md file to a pdf including the blank lines?

I am a new obsidian user and in the meantime convinced my daughter to use it as well. (Nice also the vim binding).

However we both find that when you do a PDF export the PDF looks quite different from the markdown file. (I know the Reading Mode is the base for the PDF and not the Live Preview Mode).

What will make up a lot already is if the empty lines are included in the PDF because now it is a concatenation of lines.

How can I make that happen?

Any idea?

I think you get the most efficient notes to pdf workflow by first converting your notes to docx and then making the final adjustments. See Pandoc plugin.

I installed pandoc as well. Converting Obsidian markdown to docx goes rather wrong. Colors and HTML tags are not taken over at all and also the multiple empty lines are not converted.

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