How can I export a note from obsidian to a markdown file preserving the pictures?

Things I have tried

I was searching in Obsidian Help. I was searching for “markdown export” and “exporting to markdown” in the Obsidian forum.

What I’m trying to do


is it possible to export a note from Obsidian to a markdown file while preserving linked images? In the current version of Obsidian, the link shown in the file to locally stored images doesn’t display the path to the image in plain text. So I have to link the images again manually when exporting. I would like to get a markdown file plus a folder with linked images automatically.

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Obsidian consists of markdown files, so you don’t have to export anything.

Change your Setting → Files and links → Link format to “absolute path” or “relative path”.

Thank you for your reply. It will help me to set the link format in Obsidian to “relative path”. Then I can use “replace” in a markdown editor to adjust the path.

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One other thing to point out. “Export to standard Markdown” is currently being worked on in the Obsidian roadmap. So there may be upcoming improvements to this too. (But I don’t know any details.) Obsidian Roadmap on Trello

You may want to turn off wiki links option to have markdown style links in the file - not sure if that will help achieve your goals or not.

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