How can I export a custom CSS formatted PDF through Obisidian

Hello everyone, I don’t know if this question has already been asked, if there has been a discussion about it, please forgive me for being long-winded. I am using both Devonthink and Obisidian, I added my commonly used CSS files in Devonthink, I think it is quite convenient to edit notes with Obisidian and export PDF with Devonthink, but recently, in Obsidian, I tried to use the !/[/]/(/)syntax to insert the contents of another MD notes in a MD note. according to the standard syntax, this syntax is to display the image, so in Devonthink, the content of the inserted MD note is not correctly displayed… so the export becomes a small problem… I am new to CSS and have not yet learned to apply my usual CSS formatting to Obsidian’s themes…so…I hope to get your help…QAQ

Have you tried the three dot menu in the top right of your note? There is an export PDF option there.

Thank you for your reply! I tried ~ but the exported PDF file uses the style of the theme, as I am not very good at CSS, so I will not edit my usual CSS file into the theme (my CSS file is my friend write for me) … and I installed a really good-looking theme, I think writing my CSS into it will destroy the overall sense of it …… and different file may need to use different CSS style, It would be great to have the option ~

No need to modify the theme itself, modifications to the PDF can be separate, see How to style the PDF with @media print?