How Can I Drag and Drop "Linked References" into the Linked Page Just Like Roam Research?

I am trying to drag and drop the “Backlinks” into the linked page but unable to do it. Roam Research lets you drag and drop linked references but for some reason cannot do it in Obsidian.
How can I do it? Please help me.

Are you using a tablet or phone? You can drag backlinks into a note in desktop Obsidian but unfortunately not in the mobile version.

Yes, I use the desktop version.
If I try to drag the “Backlinks”, the content does not appear on the page, only the “Date” of that Daily note appears. I wanna drag and drop the content, not the "linked date’’ of the daily note.

How can I solve this issue?

Oh, yeah, I didn’t realize you wanted the content. If you drag into the note and then type an exclamation mark (!) in front of the link it will become an embed. Does that do what you want, or do you want an editable copy of the content?

Yes, I want an editable copy of the content which can be dragged and dropped into the note (just like what Roam Research/Logseq offers). How can I do this?

No can do currently. You can embed and get a read-only variant of the other file, but you can’t edit it from the place you embed it. You do need to go to the original file for editing.

Thats unfortunate. I don’t know why Obsidian hasn’t yet added this feature.

Probably because it won’t help most people much and there are hundreds of other possible features to consider.

Have you searched the plugins? I don’t know of one that does this but it wouldn’t shock me if one existed.

You can be fairly confident that most adults have used parts of Office or Google Docs, but you can’t assume people in an Obsidian forum know what “just like Roam Research” means.

That said, as holroy and Cawlin mentioned, you are looking for editable embeds, I think.

The Hover Editor plugin makes this fairly easy. It works for embeds, in Files, Search, Backlinks, and the upcoming Bookmarks as well. I use it daily. It’s great: does a lot of different things, but the “Flow Editor” lets you edit embeds. You can turn off the other parts of that you don’t want to use:

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