How can I differentiate similarly-named files in OmniSearch and/or Quick Switcher?

I have two notes titled “Brush,” one for info on Photoshop’s paintbrush and one for Lightroom’s paint brush. They’re in “Photoshop” and “Lightroom” folders.

When I use Omnisearch to search for “brush,” they both come up, and I can’t tell which is which. I could name the files like, “Brush (Photoshop),” but that gets clunky when you link to such files within paragraphs of text.

Is there a way I can use tags to help, tagging all my Photoshop info files #photoshop? But how to get the search results to contain the note’s tags?

The Quick Switcher shows the pathname in its results, which helps, but I like the power of OmniSearch.

Other ideas on dealing with this issue?


That’s why I use aliases. [[Brush (Photoshop)|Brush]] or even [[Brush (Photoshop)|brush]].

I recommend using unique names because (as you’ve seen) apps don’t take sufficient advantage of folders. You may find “Photoshop brush” less awkward than “Brush (Photoshop)”, or you can use link text or aliases as gino_m suggests.

Good idea putting “Photoshop” first, but it makes scanning a list of files difficult if they all start with the same word. I have noticed that in OmniSearch, if you add a few letters of the tag, it seems to move it up near the top of the results, such as “color #photos”. Many articles mention “color,” in both Lightroom and Photoshop, but the ones with the Photoshop tag are listed above most of the Lightroom-tagged notes.

Also, I don’t know how I turned it on, but OmniSearch now shows the pathname below each result. That’s a big help if you use folders to do something like separating files about Photoshop from those about Lightroom.

When I encounter this I focus my scanning on the second words, which all line up nicely as if the names started there.

But Omnisearch showing paths is good too!

(Omnisearch dev here)
Omnisearch shows the folder right under the filename. It’s less prominent, but it’s there. You can make it a bit more visible with a custom CSS snippet like this one:

.omnisearch-result__folder-path {
    font-size: 1em;
    color: var(--text-normal);

There’s an older request to show both informations on the same line, but I just wasn’t satisfied with how it looked.

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