How can I design a homepage?

Hi, I am trying to design a “homepage” that looks like this.

With links to my various notes. I would like to pin it so that that’s the first thing that opens when I open Obsidian. But I am not able to design a grid system as this.

Are there any alternatives to using Markdown tables which are very clumsy?


Hi @obsidianorder, you could create headings with lists underneath that link to your other notes then have a number of panes with the lists in and save this as a workspace. Here’s an example from one of my vaults:

You could then publish this to Obsidian Publish if you needed it to be online.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You can use Obsidian-Kanban for column view as depicted in your attachment. I think obsidian-publish will support this.

Alternatively, you can look into Pubsidian to generate and host html based website from your obsidian-notes.

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