How can I delete or move all files with certain tags?

Imported all the book notes from my kindle reader into obsidian, now need to put all these notes in a separate folder

I make a dataview query that displays the notes I need

	author AS "Author(s)"
FROM !"templates"
WHERE kindle-sync

Is there any way to move all notes with kindle-sync yaml field to a separate folder, if not at least delete all these notes ?

The title and body of your post seem to be asking different questions (title is about tags, body is about metadata or content). To answer the the post title, Auto Note Mover community plugin can move based on tags or note names. If “kindle-sync” is in the tags field, this will work.

Yes, I was wrong, I meant metadata, the kindle highlights note import plugin does not create tags, only metadata such as

bookId: ‘42543’
title: Power is Right
author: Ragnar Redbird
highlightsCount: 13

is there a way to move all notes to the right folder or delete them with metadata in the form of kindle-sync:

I don’t know.

If the notes are all named in a distinctive way, or you can change a setting to make them that way, you could use the Auto Note Mover plugin. If not, but they’re already in a folder (but the wrong one) by themselves, you might still be able use it.

Where are they now? Mixed in with other files in the root of your vault?

Does your import method give you any way to control where the files go, so you don’t have to move them afterward?

may be you can take a look at this

Looks like the Templater community plugin may be able to it, according to a discussion on Obsdian’s Discord server. Discord

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