How can I create sub note or any other alternative?

The only thing I think about is use zettelkasten method on all folder/notes.
Sounds a bit cumbersome to me.

Depends what you mean by sub note.
You can simply have one note with a header hierarchy.

I prefer subnotes too, but I guess there’s no concept of subnote like in other apps.
zk cards might be a similar way by linking each other.

I will try explain

I create folder “Law” → sub folder Labour law, Contract law etc.
subfolder: Labour law - I create NOTE index then NOTE chapter 1, NOTE chapter 2 (connect it to chapter 1) etc
When I take my notes I need to summarize judgments, they part of the chapter.
I don’t want all my summarize will show in chapter. Just name of the judgments and few words.
I prefer make note with X summarize judgment and attach to the note the original file.

Also, In my note sometimes I need to Interpret words and write meaning.
I don’t want write the meaning in the note, I want connect the word I didnt know to page with all words i was need to Interpret.
so when I click on X word it will take me to the X word-meaning in page of all words without search the X word.

What is the right way to structure it?

Sorry for the English, hope I was able to explain myself properly.

There’s no right way, just many options.

Remember that a single note can be the same as the top bullet in an outline, with a hierarchy of six header levels below. So you could have each chapter as a single note. That would give you the ability to focus on a single section, the ability to link to headers or blocks. And some sections clearly being sub-sections of others. And only one file.

An alternative would be multiple notes, connected primarily by links or a MOC/Index. It would, I think, be more complex to indicate a sub note relationship this way.

Word interpretations could be done as headers or blocks in a single Word Meaning note. You’d have to decide how to write the links in the connecting note.
An alternative would be to have each word meaning a separate note with a single MOC note that contains links to them all. Personally, I’d probably do this, and have all the meaning notes in a Word Meaning folder. The advantage is that in the main note you would only ever have to put the wikilinking around the word.

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This is what I do.

Create a folder

In the folder create a note named “Index”

Open the index folder and add references to the Chapters. So, like this:

![[Chapter 1]]
![[Chapter 2]]

… and so on.

Initially, these notes do not exist. But, the Index note I can now see

Click the “Click to Create” button, and I now have a note named Chapter 1 that I can access via the Index note.

And so on.

The reason I use ![[Chapter 1]] is because I want to transclude the content of that note into the Index note. Just my personal tic. If you don’t want transclusion then use

[[Chapter 1]]
[[Chapter 2]]

There are other approaches, Templates, etc., but this one is quick for me.

Can you take please print screen and show how its look?

I did. In my post above.

The thing is, this is so simple and easy to check out, so maybe test it yourself? You won’t break anything.

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There’s also a Folder Notes plugin you can use to turn folders into notes. That’s what I use.

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