How can I copy code in the developer tools interface?

Windows 11,Obsidian 1.5.11

In developer tools, I tried using the right-click, but the context menu did not appear, making many operations difficult. How can I change all this? I tried sandbox mode, but got the same result.

Depending on which pane you’re in, you should be able to select text and then use the keyboard to copy the text, Ctrl C.

It seems unable to select in the Elements panel, but indeed can be double-clicked, but this way can only select the content of a single attribute. And there are more operations that need to be accessed through the context menu.

In the Elements panel you should have a context menu available. I just it all the time to either copy attributes, manipulate state or get different variants of the paths to that element.

Thank you, I should double-check if it’s just the context menu not displaying on my computer

Perhaps it’s my issue, but I opened a virtual machine, and after installing Obsidian fresh inside it, there were no issues.

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