How can I configure Obsidian on Linux to use Chrome instead of Firefox (for external links)?

On my computer (running Ubuntu 18.04, Obsidian installed from snap), when I click an external link in Obsidian, Firefox opens. I want to use Chrome.

All other programs that open web links with external viewers use Chrome, only Obsidian launches Firefox.

  • Ubuntu Settings / Default Applications / Web = Google Chrome
  • gnome-www-browser uses Chrome
  • xdg-open uses Chrome
  • sensible-browser uses Chrome
  • python webbrowser module opens Chrome


  • How can I configure Obsidian on Linux to use Chrome instead of Firefox?
  • What mechanizm does Obsidian on Linux use when launching a browser for external links?

This also started happening to me today, I’m not sure why.

Previously when I clicked on a link in Obsidian it would open on my default browser (Chromium), but as of today links in Obsidian are opening in Firefox.

I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.1.

What I did is use this plugin and set it to whatever browser you want to open links with! All the best

With the old version of Obsidian (0.x.x - don’t remember the exact I was using), it used the expected browser for me as well.

I believe the functionality changed when I installed the 1.x.x version of Obsidian.

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