How can I change font styles?

I’m using Minimal Theme with style settings.

If I want to change editor text font styles from, for example, Pingfang SC regular to light, where can I change it? In Settings-Appearance, I can only find the font Pingfang SC, no style option there.

Thank you!

Install the plugin “Minimal Theme Settings” and you can change the editor font in the last entry.

Note: the font needs to be installed on your system and typed exactly. You may need to experiment with the name to get the style you want. Sometimes, if I can’t get the font name correct for this field or for CSS, I check in other programs to see what’s it’s called. Here Fira Code works fine, but on my mac I use SF Mono and it needs to be typed: SFMono-Regular.

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If you are using macOS, you can find out the name by showing Font Info in Font (cmd + i).

It will be displayed as a PostScript name.




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