How can I automatically set the Title based on the first line of text in a note

I found a solution to this, but I don’t know how to implement it. Apparently obsidian has provided no way of doing what pretty much ever other note taking app in history has done: create a title based on the first line of text in a note.

Apparently I’m supposed to download the “templater” plugin, and then create a template using the following code:

  let title = tp.file.title
  if (title.startsWith("Untitled")) {
    title = await tp.system.prompt("Title");
    await tp.file.rename(`${title}`);
  tR += "---"
tags: Note <%tp.file.creation_date("YYYY")%>
# <%* tR += `${title}` %>

<% tp.file.cursor() %>


## References:

creation date:: [[<%tp.file.creation_date("YYYY-MM-DD")%>]] <%tp.file.creation_date("HH:mm")%>

I downloaded the templater plugin, but I have no idea where to put this code to create a template that will automatically set all new note titles to the first line of text in the note.

Can someone please help me with this?


Hi Adam,

You can paste this snippet into any file. You may want to create a folder specifically for templates and set the location in Templater settings.

When you’re creating a new note, you can then press Alt+E to paste your template into the same file or Alt+N to create a new note using this template.

What this snippet does is prompt you to name the Title then renames the note with that title.

I hope this helps!

Not quite what you want, but the Obsidian Filename Heading Sync plugin works if the first line is a heading.

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