How can I automatically add todays date to the title of a new note

What I’m trying to do

I create notes for a meeting that occcurs regularly.

But I would like the date in the title.

It’s not templatized. I just want free form to type the title and then do something to insert todays date in the format I designate.

Things I have tried

I tried to use the inset todays date template and it doesn’t work.

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Did you try investigating Templater?
Using this plugin, you could create a default template.

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I’m also trying to have every new note created with cmd + N on Mac to have the current date at the beginning of the filename. This Add Inbox Note example looks promising, but can I hotkey it to “cmd + n”?

Thanks, I will look into it. I haven’t used it.

Yes that is the workflow I want to use – although I want date at the end.

Thanks, I’ll check it out, seems like Templater is what I should check out.

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