How can i add "#" begining of every single line?

Hi i want to add tag # every single line begining. Most of my works i have names and IP numbers and i want to use graph view with this tags. thats why sometimes i have so many namse and i want to make all of this names as a tag. Is there any plugins or easy way to do that?

Any text editor should make this easy. I recommend VSCode as it’s free and ubiquitous.

Do a search and replace and set it up exactly like this, and you will have a # character added to the start of every line:


Lovely solution.

Only thing I would add (having been stung by mixing the power of VS Code with a dash of human error) is to make a backup of your vault before making major changes just in case something goes awry.

@kythera & @AlanG

The plugin Regex Find/Replace can also do this …

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