How can I add a custom CSS snippet to my Android decice?

I was trying to find a pathway from vault to send me to snippet folder.

I also tried to search in my files, on the mobile device. I googled, searched through the forums and also was hoping that the snipped would sync over from laptop. At the moment, nothing of this have given me a solution or the knowledge to find a solution.

I want to add a custom CSS file to my mobile device.

I am using an Android. I did activate it on my PC but it doesn’t seem to sync over to my phone. Also, when I look in Settings/Appearence it doesnt have the folder icon that I were clicking on when doing this from my pc. It only gave me the file path. I know that .files are going to be hidden but i have no clue how I can view them and also how to enter my snippet into a file in that folder?

I am happy for any help, I searched around but didnt find anything explaining this so I thought that asking might help.

Thanks :blush:

I don’t know about Android but on iPhone I use an app called WorkingCopy which allows me to access the hidden folders and add snippets, access the trash, etc.

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