How can I access to remote vault? (I subscribed to the paid sync)

Things I have tried

I have subscribed to paid Sync service, installed Windows 10 on my PC and the app on my Android device. I enable the sync feature and also created remote vaults and connected properly as instructed.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to access to the remote vault but couldn’t seem to find the remote vault either from mobile or PC. Please help

Hi! Does this help?

I followed through the instruction and I still cannot see the remote vault I created in an initial device synced across different devices. Shouldn’t I be able to see the remote vault in other devices after choosing and syncing from “Pick your vault” menu?

That is correct. Can you maybe share a screenshot of the picker with the vault where you set it up and a screenshot of the device where it doesn’t show up?
Are you logged in the new device?

I created a remote vault from my android device initially.
Below are screenshots from the “new device” my PC.

I see what’s going on. You’re missing a few steps from the docs I sent you (bolded by me):

To setup a synced vault through Obsidian Sync, first create a new empty local vault. […]
Once the empty vault is open, open the left sidebar, tap the settings button, and setup Obsidian Sync just like you did on Desktop:

  1. Login to your Obsidian account in the Account tab.
  2. Enable the Sync core plugin.
  3. Open settings, and choose the “Sync” tab under “Plugin options”.
  4. Choose the remote vault to sync with.
  5. Keep the app open until all your files have synced over.

First create a vault on your desktop, then set up and find your remote vault after enabling the sync plugin. The remote vault won’t show up in your vault picker.

I can’t do it either. I even opened a thread the other day about this subject. Can someone please make a youtube video from scratch on this?

i think, that video can help you.

Can you be more specific and explain whether I should start creating a local vault from Desktop or Android app?

I tried both ways. The first one:

  1. Create a local vault in a desktop
  2. On Desktop, Core Plugin - enable Sync
  3. Now on Android app, Log in to account
  4. On Android app, create a new empty local vault with the same name
  5. On Android app, Core Plugin - enable Sync

But I cannot see the remote vault under the same name in Android app.

For the second trial I did this as well.

  1. Now on Android app, Log in to account
  2. On Android app, create a new empty local vault
  3. On Android app, Core Plugin - enable Sync
  4. Create a local vault in a desktop with the same name
  5. On Desktop, Core Plugin - enable Sync

Please be specific about which device to start for the instruction.
I actually tried 3-4 more different ways than with none of them properly working.

I am guessing syncing should work either way.

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Hey @hoorie, sorry if you found the instructions a bit confusing. The instructions I sent apply to both desktop and mobile. The short version for you is:

  1. You already created your vault in Android, and have created a remote vault in sync (the 123 vault right?)
  2. On desktop, create a new empty vault. Enable the sync plugin, and follow steps 1-5 to choose the remote vault you already created (again the 123 vault).

Maybe you need to clarify what you mean “under the same name”? In your screenshots, I see the 123 vault available both on desktop and android. Feel free to jump on the Discord server for more help debugging (it is a bit more “instant” after all… and remember we are all volunteers here and we’re just trying to help, I’m not checking the forum 24x7).


I didn’t know you volunteered for this. Thank you for your service.
I went through steps again from both ways and finally managed to get it synced.

Thanks again.


Hooray! Glad to hear it’s working now!

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