How best to sync between Mac and Android

I’m just getting started with Obsidian and would like to sync across Mac, iPad and Android phone. I don’t mind paying for sync if I’m sticking with it, but don’t want to have to pay if I’m just trying it out.

I found a plugin but once I realised it needs lots of permissions, I’m not sure how to know if I can trust it - GitHub - stravo1/obsidian-gdrive-sync: sync notes across devices in Obsidian via Google Drive

How can I know if I can trust a plugin. And are there better options around?

I use Obsidian Sync and am very happy with it. Here are some other methods I’m aware of that have been around a while:

• Self-hosted LiveSync plugin

• Remotely Save plugin and various cloud services, including Amazon S3 or S3-compatible, Dropbox, OneDrive for personal, and Webdav

• Git with the Working Copy or the a-Shell iOS app

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Different ecosystems … hmmm… for the long run, I recommend git… Even alongside Obsidian sync for backup (GitHub) or to see what changes you have in a diff GUI (like GitHub Desktop’s) and can easily revert (discard). It’s useful when one is doing a lot of caretaking jobs having migrated from another program.

On Android, you’d use mGit or some terminal. Or maybe there’s a new app handling git now I’m not aware of.

I am reluctant to say I don’t recommend something (because then I need to write a memoir on the forum), but I really wouldn’t go down the road of wanting to handle either one of the iCloud, GDrive, OneDrive, DropBox quartett or their counterparts.

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Thanks for your speedy replies. Can I just clarify a few things, though? I’m not a developer so don’t know what these words mean:

-Self-hosted LiveSync plugin
-Working Copy


The first is a plugin – never used it.

The rest is git-related. Git is basically version control used by developers but great for individuals doing their markdown things.
GUI - graphical user interface – handy when people not used to terminals want to use stuff most suited for coders and the like.

You can sign up for the sync and then slowly get knowledge of scripting and other stuff.

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Thnka @gino_m. So do you have any idea how I can tell whether the plugin I posted above is legit? All I have to do is sign in and it should be working, so it would hopefully be low effort from here.

No and I’m not going to start finding out about it.
But I remember my days 1.5 years ago: I wanted an easy way. I looked around on forums. Everybody touted their own methods. “This is best” – “never had a problem”, etc.
One thing you’ll never have a problem is git – but there’s a learning curve.
Of course, WiFi-related issues around git don’t count.

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Right now I’m using Dropbox and it works fine for what I do. Android’s recent update to sandbox apps and data are making for some more challenging work with my one device that has most recent Android update (following in the steps of iOS). Certainly Obsidian Sync is well respected and works well.

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Thanks for your comments. I’ve decided to subscribe to Sync to make life easy on myself😀