How are you working with the live preview?

Want to know what folks are doing in terms of workflow with respect to markdown mode vs preview. Do you work primarily in markdown (in which case…when do you use the preview mode)? Do you have linked side-by-side panes (markdown|preview) and work that way? (this makes me feel like I have double vision). I think I’m losing the plot a bit about when (or why) to use preview at all.

You probably know more than me, but just in case this helps, I have a pretty simple workflow when composing text in conjunction with images, embedded notes, mermaid diagrams, etc.

You would want to see the preview in one pane, but be able to type without having to constantly toggle between edit and preview mode. I like to keep the preview pane pinned, so that when you click the link icon on embedded notes, they open in the other pane.

Eventually I think there will be the ability to edit in preview mode, or “what you see is what you get” WYSIWYG, like in Typora, but don’t quote me on that. I think there are other threads about this, but I am not current on all the information.

Good question. Currently I never open the side by side panes (one on the editor and the other in preview mode)

I think it’s too cluttered to do it that way.
I understand it might be useful for people who put a lot of images thought.

I am used to markdown and it doesn’t bother me to stay in the editor mode most of the time.

What you might find useful is using the shortcut ctrl+e to toggle preview mode on and off when needed.

If you want to open [[links to other notes]] there’s no need to go into preview mode if you don’t want to.

You can open a [[link]] by pressing ctrl+click on top of the [[link]] to open it.

Yeah, the WYSIWYG like typora sounds great, and as far as I know, it’s something the team has talked about for the future. in the mid-time you could try solutions like this one to simulate something similar:

Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks