How are you all storing recurring tasks?

How are you all managing recurring tasks? I am currently using the Tasks plugin to manage my routines. I have a separate notes for different routine tasks I want to do throughout the day and then a query in my daily note to view everything that is due that day. I like being able to use the postpone button when I can’t do something.

I have been using it for a while and the routine notes are starting to get cluttered. I am thinking of moving each routine task into its own note so that the recurring tasks can just build up over time and stay readable.

How do other people manage their recurring tasks? Do your notes get cluttered over time as new tasks are created?

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I use the “Archiver” Plugin. I have two files for recurring stuff, each one has about 30 or so recurring tasks in it. Every once in awhile I look at the file, and if it is too cluttered (usually when I need to add something) I run Archiver, which places all the done tasks in a separate file, nicely organized by the date the task was done.


I have specific notes for recurring tasks for the same reason you’ve identified. Similarly, I have a Tasks query generated (with Templater) in my daily note to bring up recurring tasks.

is recurring
(starts before <% tp.file.title %>) OR (starts on <% tp.file.title %>)
not done
group by due
sort by done reverse

I don’t really use it for my Obsidian-based routines: in each Daily Note, I have one “Daily Preview” activity that is just a basic checklist at the beginning , a “processing time” checklist in the middle, and a “Daily Review” activity at the end. I usually use the recurring tasks for “petty tasks” (for example, I currently have “check Hello Fresh menu for the week”, and “check turnip prices in Animal Crossing” in my non-work vault as items that are set to start today or earlier) that I would rather not schedule manually or incorporate into my Remember the Milk routines. I use Remember the Milk primarily for my routines in the home context.

The checklists don’t give me much in the way of tracking consistency, but if I really wanted to I could flip back through my daily notes. I usually just let my intuition suggest whether or not I’m doing a checklist item consistently enough. The whole Daily Preview and Daily Review activities are on my Remember the Milk routine lists, though, so those are important for me to track.

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I have a “Completed Tasks” section of the bottom of notes with recurring tasks, and if I ever notice that a note is getting too cluttered I will manually move completed tasks down to that section. I was not aware of the Archiver plug-in, though. It looks like that is able to archive tasks within the same file, so I will give that a try and remove the manual step.