How and what did you name your vault(s)?

Maybe a trivial question but it’s causing me to procrastinate right now. I don’t want to call it ‘Zettelkasten’ because it won’t just be Zettel in there. I already have a ‘Notes’ directory not far away and ‘Vault’ doesn’t seem very descriptive. Any ideas? Linky McLinkface?



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I named mine Slippy Box based on Sonke Ahrens’s “slip-box” (and maybe pewdiepie’s old frog Slippy)

I’m actually interested to see what other people name their vaults lol


I just work out of 1 vault and its titled Journal of Everything


All nice names! ‘ZettelPlus’ sounds like an app I would definitely try out @Dor :smile:

@3mbry0 I didn’t know that about the frog. I’m looking forward to reading more too

@KaneDodgson, I want to work out of one vault, but right now I have a few attempts lying around where I tried out various workflows/plug-ins. I’m just starting a course at university and need to settle down into a permanent system even if it’s a bit rough round the edges to start with.

Wiktionary’s etymology of Zettel has given me some inspiration, maybe I’ll call mine ‘Fragments’ :sunglasses:

Early Modern High German zeddel, zedel, from Middle High German zedele, zedel, a loan from Italian cedola, from Medieval Latin cedula, schedula, the diminutive of scheda, scida (“strip of papyrus”) ultimately from Ancient Greek σχίδη (skhídē, “splinter, fragment”). Cognate to Low German Zeddel, Palatine Rhine Franconian Zeddel, English schedule.

Mine is called Notes

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One of the things I’m doing is having a sub-folder (nested vault) with 2020 added to the vault name. Next year I’ll move on to 2021 etc. Always working to ensure there are no file name clashes.

The main idea is simply to have an arbitrary, but potentially useful, way of avoiding any possibility of the size of my vault slowing the program. New notes are written in the sub-folder, review etc is done in the main one. May turn out to be entirely pointless, but I’ll have lost nothing if it is.



I changed mine yesterday to “The Forest” and adopted the “Seedbox” folder from here, as well as a “Sporebox” for daily notes.

I think it’s a nice metaphor: from seed (idea) to tree (evergreen note), interconnected with mycelium (links, thoughts), developing and growing. Just like a forest.



I use the same or similar metaphors!!! love it!


I went with Second Brain for now.

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What It Is

; ) Ray

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My two vaults are called ObsidianNotes and ObsidianCRM

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“Heterarch” for what I hope are semi-obvious reasons.

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I am gonna name it neural

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