Hover preview while holding a key to see the backlinks for the page link instead of the page preview itself

Use case or problem

For certain pages, like the daily notes, none of my useful content is actually in the page itself. I link to the daily notes from every page that I work on that day, so the backlinks are really where all of the action is! I’d love a way to quickly look through the backlinks for the page without having to open the page and then open the backlinks.

Proposed solution

Hover over a page ref while holding the option key to see the backlinks for that page in a preview window.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually opening the page and then looking at the backlinks.

Related feature requests (optional)


Yes, please! I was gonna post a feature request for this, and I’m glad one already exists.

This would be especially useful for pages that have not been created (yet). Their preview currently just offers a button to create the page, but a list of backlinks could significantly improve navigation without having to create dummy notes.

I would argue that this should not be hidden behind a special modifier key, but rather be an integral part of page previews. The popup could have a backlink icon (beside the currenlty existing link icon) to switch/scroll to the list of backlinks.

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