Hover Preview for footnotes does not work properly when there are multiple Headings in Note

I encountered this issue in my vault and conducted a test in a sandbox vault as well; however, the problem persists.

I used a note titled “Start Here.” Within the “Start Here” note in the sandbox, there are two headings with different levels:

  • Heading 1 (Heading Level 1): I’m interested in Obsidian
  • Heading 2 (Heading Level 2): Official Help Site

In another note named “Test Footnote,” I created two internal links referencing the “Start Here” note:

  • Internal link 1 [[Start Here]] links to the entire note “Start Here”
  • Internal link 2 [[Start Here#Official Help Site]] links to ‘Heading 2 (Heading Level 2): Official Help Site’

In the “Test Footnote” note, when switching to Reading View, I can see the contents of the footnote using the two internal links above.

Everything works perfectly. However, the main issue arises here. When I add another heading beneath ‘Heading 2 (Heading Level 2): Official Help Site,’ I named the new heading ‘Heading Test.’. The footnote still works properly if the level of the newly created heading is lower than the level of ‘Heading 2 (Heading Level 2): Official Help Site’, please see below two example for your ease of understanding.

Example 1: I set the level of new created Heading is level 3. Things work perfectly

Example 2: I set the level of new created Heading is level 2. Oops, footnote in Internal link 2 [[Start Here#Official Help Site]] links to ‘Heading 2 (Heading Level 2): Official Help Site’ does not work.

Please help to debug it!!!

Below is the text for 2 internal links I mentioned above:
[[Start Here]]
[[Start Here#Official Help Site]]

Below is the text for “Start Here” Note

Hi, welcome to Obsidian!

I’m interested in Obsidian

First of all, tell me a little bit about what’s your experience with note-taking apps like?

  • [[No prior experience|I have no prior experience]]

  • [[From standard note-taking|I’ve used note-taking apps like Evernote and OneNote]]

  • [[From plain-text note-taking|I have used plain-text based apps]]

Official Help Site

Check out the complete Obsidian documentation online, available in multiple languages.

What is this place?

This is a sandbox vault in which you can test various functionality of Obsidian.

Your changes will not be saved, so please don’t take actual notes in this vault.

[!Note] Beta vault - contributions are welcome!
This sandbox vault is in beta!

If you spot a typo or a mistake, feel free to submit a pull request here.

This is a footnote [^1]

If I understand correctly is that you are transcluding/linking a subsection of the note, and the definition of the footnote is in another section.

We currently do not support this.

You need to keep the footnote definition in the same block as the link.

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Thank you for your swift response, I do understand the root cause. May I know, do you have any plan to support this function in the future?