Hotkeys using CMD have all broken suddenly

Yesterday, my hotkeys were working (like CMD+N or CMD+*) But today they have stopped working. I have not done any syncing or anything like that.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to restore my hotkeys on my iPad (with external apple keyboard) to how they were working yesterday. To my knowledge I haven’t changed any settings even accidentally. I sync through GIT and working copy, and WC shows that my hokeys.json hasn’t been altered in the past month or so.

Things I have tried

Examining the json file, but I’m not a programmer, and it looks fine. I see my hotkeys but it doesn’t say “CMD” anywhere, but rather “Mod.”

Any ideas on how to restore CMD as my hotkey modifier button? Also, any ideas as to why this would have suddenly happened yesterday?

I believe “Mod” is a system-agnostic name for that key.

Does the key still work in other apps?

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What version of Obsidian? (So someone can test in case it is based on an update bug or something.)

I looked at my hotkeys.json and I see “Mod” for Cmd too.

In the past, when I was syncing with Dropbox, my hotkeys would sometimes display strangely between Mac and Windows. I’d open in Windows and a Cmd-Ctrl-key hotkey might show up as Ctrl-Ctrl-Key or Meta-Meta-Key (I’m typing only from my memory, but it was something like that.)

I don’t know if the hotkeys were actually changing. But I had to set them again sometimes, and make sure I had 2 separate ones for each keyboard layout. (And that info might be completely irrelevant to your issue. Just adding clues!)

yeah, the key works fine in the system (cmd+c, cmd+h, etc.).

it is version 1.5.8 (126).

However, the issue has disappeared. I have done nothing to it. I just opened it up again and tested and the issue has disappeared. Absolutely no idea what could have caused this.

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