Hotkeys that are Set should optionally sort to top of the list

A small quality of life request. My memory isn’t what it used to be and I often forget my set hotkeys. Currently that means scrolling the entire list (now very lengthy) of set and blank keys. I would like a checkbox at the top of the hotkey settings page to optionally place those un-blank/Set hotkeys first.

This is analogous to a long list of files in an OS folder, with the option of listing sub-folders first.

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Seconded :+1:

Unrelated: how were you able to ignore the template when creating this feature request? There is supposed to be a template that appears when a new topic is created in #feature-requests, but it seems like it is being ignored by everyone.

(Copying and pasting this across multiple threads to try and get some insight into the problem.)

Sorry about that, I guess I’m guilty of thinking it was an optional guide. Next time I’ll use the template.

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implemented in v1.2

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Fantastic!! The new hotkeys filtering features work beautifully. Even though this has probably been in the works for months, in my tiny brain I’m going to think I had something to do with it. Anyway, great work.

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