Hotkeys for “Fold one more level” and “Unfold one more level”

Use case or problem

For example after opening long note I press hotkey to “Fold all headings and lists”. When the note has one H1 heading, then I see just the heading but I would like to display top level list to start navigating, without need to position mouse cursor on the folding arrow. Then the same until reaching desired node deep in hierarchy.

Proposed solution

Hotkey for “Fold one more level”
Actions should treat each unfolded (displayed) node separately, not by global level. To free us from having to think in absolute terms, letting us operate relatively to current state.

  • If each child node Bi of node A is displayed as leaf (i.e. Bi is folded), then fold node A.

Hotkey for “Unfold one more level”

  • If node is displayed before pressing the hotkey, then display it’s direct children.

Current workaround

Grab mouse, scroll to see desired folding arrow, position cursor on folding arrow, click

Related feature requests (optional)

keywords: children, folding, expand, hierarchy, level, navigation, nested list, nesting, outline, outlining, wrap


This would be really helpful!

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