Hotkey to open starred menu

Maybe I just can’t find the option, but would be nice to be able to just open the ‘starred’ menu with a hotkey since that’s what I usually would refer to rather than the file explorer


This would be very useful, especially right now when we don’t have hotkey for Collapse All in the File Explorer.

“Show starred pane” is available in the latest build.

Oh! Must be insider build then, I can’t see it. Good to know it’s coming!

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If you want to expand your experience with starred files and queries you could think about using my plugin hotkeys-for-starred-files. It offers you the ability to open starred files at a given index.

I checked it out, it’s cool plugin! Have you thought expanding it so that it can be selected via settings if it’s opening to same window or new window? And if it probably could remember editor/preview state (now it opens automatically to editor state).

I use starred pages as index pages, so opening them in preview state looks better than editor :slight_smile:

There should already be a command to open an index in a new pane. What do you mean with the following?

remember editor/preview state

Do you want to set whether to open it in preview or not?

Okay, I think I see the confusion. Apparently Obsidian always opens notes in Edit mode, when you e.g. CTRL-click note from the navigation pane. If you open note in the same pane, then the edit/preview state is preserved.

Since I use starred notes as a TOC I would prefer to open them in preview mode. On top of that I would prefer to open starred note in the same window, so basically all my wishes related to hotkeys-for-starred-files would be fulfilled if there was an option to open in the selected pane, not new one :slight_smile:

For the indexes 1-9 there are two commands for every index. One for opening in the current pane and one for opening in a new pane. You can choose which one you want to use. So I don’t understand your problem.

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Oh my days :sweat_smile: I’m sorry I have wasted your time, I somehow totally missed that there’s two sets of hotkeys :grimacing: Okay, so it is indeed great plugin and I will totally use it!

Okay great to hear. But the problem that you have to go to preview mode to open a starred note in preview still persists right? I think adding an option to open them in preview mode is still a good idea.

Yes, if an option to open in preview mode is doable, that would be even better!

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Added in new release!

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