Hotkey to open link under at the text cursor position while typing in edit mode

I find myself not wanting to leave the keyboard for navigation and think a keyboard-only shortcut that could open a link at the text cursor position is at would be really handy for this case.

This is already a feature.

On a Mac, this defaults to alt+enter to open the link under the cursor in the current pane, and alt+cmd+enter to open the link in a new pane.

Edit: had the second shortcut messed up.

Specifically for wiki style links right? I’ve been using markdown style links and these shortcuts have never worked for me.

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You’re right about that. I wonder why… will try to investigate, thanks!

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Thanks, Ryan! I didn’t know about alt+enter and alt+cmd+enter and for some reason I couldn’t find those on the keyboard shortcut page.

But yes-- URLs and markdown style links still need hotkey to open in browser.

Is there a hotkey for “back to the previous opened note”?

Yes, there is. By the way, the command palette (cmd/ctrl+p) provides all of these in a searchable list!

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