Hotkey to open a note's preview in a new linked pane

Currently on the top right corner we have (Ctrl/Cmd click to edit in new pane). I wish for there to be a shortcut for that. If that is not possible please add that in command pane. I don’t want to go and click on that every time.


It would be especially nice if it could work as a toggle to close the linked pane as well.

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+1 from me too, I was about to open a new feature request to ask for this.

I’d like to add that adding a hotkey to open preview mode in a new (linked) pane would be consistent with other hotkeys we have to open the local graph and backlinks.

+1 and kind of can’t believe this isn’t a configurable hotkey yet. The closest I can do at the moment is the following:

  • CTRL+O to open quick switcher
  • ENTER to open top document (which I think is always the current document)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+E (not default) to switch to preview mode

If anybody else uses Autokey, here’s the script I wrote (mapped to CTRL+E):


Edit: Splitting the current pane horizontally or vertically will also open the current document. So here’s a variation of the above script that works horizontally (mapped the split command to CTRL+ALT+DOWN).


Note that I can’t get either of these solutions to link the two panes’ scrolling.

I found an easier way. Use the built-in Workspaces plugin. You can give it a hotkey. And like with quick-switcher, just hitting Enter choses the first saved workspace

Ok i spoke to soon. This will take you back to whatever note you set in the workspace, it wont use the current note you are looking at, sorry : (

Hi, has anyone been able to find a workaround for it? Reaching the mouse to sync the 2 panes seems like a huge extra effort.

Any updates? I’m currently using something similar to realmikkicloud’s second solution by splitting the pane and changing the view mode, but I still can’t find a way to link the panes without using the mouse.

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my current best solution is Keyboard Maestro with the following setting: