Hotkey to navigate between headings

I have some long notes that I organized by topics using the h2 tag or ##. I’m constantly navigating/reading these notes and I get tired of scrolling the text with mouse wheel or PgUp and pgDown to find the next topic. It would be pretty helpful to get a hotkey that with one hit automatically scroll the screen to the next header (h2 or another configurable tag). It’s this somehow possible to achieve in obsidian or with a plugin? Thanks.


You can use the outline plugin for navigation between headings. It can be activated in settings → obsidian plugins.

@alltagsverstand Thanks for the suggestion. I already have Outline enable in my vault but couldn’t found a setting to bind a key to “navigate to the next heading”. Of course, I can click in the headings displayed in the outline panel, but the whole idea is to get rid of the mouse and use a keybinding to fast navigate to the next heading. What I’m looking for is to associate keybindings lets say “ctrl + 2”, to go to the next h2 while reading in preview mode.


OK, I see! I like to do as much as possible with the keyboard as well, so this might be a nice feature indeed!

Currently, you could help yourself out (at least in edit mode) by defining a hotkey for folding the current line/heading. You can also define hotkeys for folding/unfolding all headings (this works in preview mode, too).

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The closest one I can think of is the Quick Switcher++ Community plugin

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