Hotkey to mark task as in progress

If I do Command+Enter I mark a task as complete, like so:

- [ ] a task


- [x] a task

I’d like to be able to hit Option+Enter and mark a task in progress, like so:

- [/] a task

How would I go about doing that? Thanks!

There’s nothing in vanilla Obsidian to do this.

- [/] is something coming from a theme with custom checkboxes included.

The default Ctrl/Cmd + L (Toggle bullet list) would be the closest command.

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To insert a - [/], I’d look into Templater to set a hotkey to insert that, or a text expansion app like Espanso.

You could try either utilising the Tasks or ToggleList_ plugin which both supports various ways to cycle throught different status characters for list like you’re requesting.

If you want to roll your own you could also use either QuickAdd or Templater and build a script to change the status of the current line.

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Thank you @holroy and @ariehen both for the suggestions.
I ended up using the ToggleList plugin for this.