Hotkey to color selected text

Things I have tried

Coloring text using HTML directly - eg if I want text to be red, <font color=red>foo</font>

What I’m trying to do

Is there a hotkey I can use to change the color of a selected text block? Or wrap that text block in ? Thanks!

Hello @mukerjee !

Take a look at the Multi-Line Formatting Plugin

Or this might worth taking a look: Markdown Attributes

I think it is what you want.

Have a great day!

Maybe you can use the “text snippets” plugin. And set the snippets like this:

red : <font style="color: #d83931">$end$</font>

Then use the plugin hotkey to fill it with fonts which you want to color.

Maybe this will help you:

thanks for the awesome information.

You can use the templater plugin.

The template you want will look something like this:

<font color=red><%tp.file.selection()%></font>

After that, you can go to any file, select the text you want to color, press Alt+E, choose this template and you will get your text embedded into the HTML.
After that, you can make as many templates for different colors as you want.

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