HotKey management?

Hi All!

Is there a way to make some hotkeys like CNTL+something in order to enter some specific characters?

I use some plugins that can change entered sequences into some required symbols, like “–” transferred into long dash. But this is not enough and not so convenient. It wold be better to have a special plugin that can handle hotkeys.

Is there anything according to this?

What is your operating system? Windows or Mac?

Is this mainly for various symbols, and not for longer texts?

It is for long texts.
There are not so many symbols. But they are important for correct typographics.

OK, then I suggest using Text Snippets, which allows you type key phrases, and then expand them.

It’s also possible as suggested in the next reply (of that previous link) to use Templater and have that present various texts to your liking as templates.

And even Quick Add can be used for stuff like this. The advantage with this one is that it could present you with various grouping options to select phrases/text.

So not sure which one would suit you best, as it depends heavily on your use case, and the number of text you want accessible through this system and so on.

But for fair amount of different text alternatives, if you’re able to give them a proper key phrase, I think the Text Snippets could be a viable option.

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Thank you for your detailed explanations but the mentioned plugins do a little bit different thing I need.

For example, if I work with MS Word then I can easily do my typographic work:

  1. I can enter - with just a minus key, with CNTRL-Minus, with CNTRL-Shift-Minus.
  2. «» and these quotes can be entered easily if I write in non latin language.

Using Smart Typography plug-in I can enter at least these quotes «» but I have to switch languages 4 times and enter 2 more symbols.

The good example of the plug in I’m looking for is Shortcut Extender. But it doesn’t cover all the cases I need.

I’m on mac, and entering all of those is a feature of my keyboard layout, and not the software I’m using.

Similar stuff should be achievable using a keyboard on windows.

For a few specific characters like this if you can’t figure out something with your keyboard layout, I see two alternatives:

  • learn and memorize the Alt+0### combinations for the characters needed
  • make templates for just that character, and assign them to the hotkeys of your choice

Unfortunately entering such stuff is always a PITA on Windows. There is no special keys on the keyboard and entering these symbols is possible only via software support. For example, I can enter all of them in MS Word because it has such king of a support (natively with the quote signs and wish dashes with hot-keys). But here in a window inside my browser I can enter them only via ALT+code and this is not very convenient because reduces the speed of typing.
Regarding to the “template and hotkey” - could you please provide me with an example? Because I checked mentioned plugin and didn’t find a way how to assign a hot key for this. Or I missed something in the settings?

The templater plugin allows you to assign hotkeys to specific templates. So you could set up a template containing only those two quotes and then assign that to a hotkey.

For example, if you wanted to enter these notes you could set up a template file with the following contents:

«<% tp.file.selection() %>»

This way whenever you trigger that template the two quotes will be inserted. Additionally, if you have any text selected then it will be automatically wrapped in the quotes

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Yes, it works well! You are the magical wizard I guess :slight_smile:

Did you understand how to insert the various en-dash, em-dash, and so on using this method? And you’ve understood how to assign them to hotkeys?

(I’ve been a little busy, so sorry for not coming back earlier)

Yes, fully.
Dashes already in my vault with help of the plugin. Thank you.
Also I found that there is a documentation also :slight_smile:

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